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Brad Sterl
Brad Sterl
CEO of Rustic Crust

"They took the time to really get to know our business, and offered a loan that fit our unique needs … it made sense."

Learn more about why VFG invested in Rustic Crust.

Our approach

VFG provides royalty, or "mezzanine," financing for established companies whose capital needs are not entirely being met by banks or traditional sources of equity. While banks assess past financial performance, and venture capital firms seek ownership in their investments, Vested for Growth deploys risk-tolerant capital and a partnership that doesn’t require ownership or decision-making authority in the company.

VFG seeks companies with high levels of innovation, a positive work culture, and a strong management team. Adding more than just capital, VFG gets deeply involved with each portfolio company to add value to the company whenever appropriate. However, VFG does not seek a controlling interest in the company and does not wield the ability to make business decisions, hire or fire, or vote on the board of directors. Instead VFG works in a collaborative mode, seeking to provide support, resources, expertise, and connections when the business feels it is most strategic–a true partner with a long-term view.

VFG also has a particular focus on employee engagement. Effective, motivated employees are the key to any organization’s success. VFG's team can apply its deep expertise in this arena to help portfolio companies motivate employees, enrich their work experience, increase effectiveness, and improve the bottom line.

VFG has deep contacts with banking institutions, angel investors, and venture capital firms. VFG’s investment structure, while unique, works exceptionally well with partner investors. VFG investment can be brought into a company in partnership with existing bank or equity funding. Additionally, VFG can use its extensive network to help bring both banks and equity sources to the table to further support the company’s growth as sales increase.

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