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Doug Vincent
Design Mentor

The group inspires us to be better CEOs and hopefully provide better service to our customers.


Nannu Nobis
Nobis Engineering

"You may be asking this question, but the question you should be asking is something different."


Current participants

Members of our CEO PeerLink™ group. Contact us for more information, or feel free to reach out to one of the members for an inside perspective.

    • Jeff Baker, Image4, trade-show marketing and pop-up shows
         Manchester, Hillsborough County
    • Tim Dining, Sealite USA, Navigation aids  
         Nashua, Hillsborough County
    • Gerardine Ferlins, Cirtronics, contract manufacturer
         Milford, Hillsborough County
    • Mark Godfrey, Felton, engineered solutions manufacturer
         Londonderry, Rockingham County
    • Andy McMillan, previously with Phillips/Teletrol Systems, building automation systems
         Manchester, Hillsborough County
    • Nannu Nobis, Nobis Engineering, engineering services
         Concord, Merrimack County
    • Ric Pratte, AlignRevenue, Inc., sales acceleration software
         Bedford, Hillsborough County
    • Mike Rizzo, previously with Schleuniger
         Manchester, Hillsborough County
    • Nick Thickins, SyAM Software, software for IT Administrators
         Nashua, Hillsborough County
    • Doug Vincent, Design Mentor, medical systems engineering
         Pelham, Hillsborough County
    • Leo White, Alternative Logistics (on temporary leave)
         Nashua, Hillsboro County

    Gerardine Ferlins
    Gerardine Ferlins, Cirtronics

    “I've been part of other peer groups but none more helpful to me and my business. The same group of CEOs is going strong after nine years!”
    Community Loan Fund