Current participants

Current VFG Learning Partner members. Contact us for more information, or feel free to reach out to one of the members for their perspective.


"The group inspires us to be better CEOs and hopefully provide better service to our customers."
"You may be asking this question, but the question you should be asking is something different."

Stephane Anglade, Comstock Industries, precision manufacturer
Meredith, Belknap County

Jeff Baker, Image4, trade-show booths and pop-up stores
Manchester, Hillsborough County

Beth Bendel, Monadnock Aviation, fixed-base operator
Keene, Cheshire County

Tim Dining, Jewell Instruments, sensors and controls manufacturer
Manchester, Hillsborough County

Gerardine Ferlins, Cirtronics, contract manufacturer
Milford, Hillsborough County

Peter Lehnen, Lehnen Industrial Services, design build services for equipment applications
Keene, Cheshire County

Andy McMillan, previously with Phillips Lighting
Manchester, Hillsborough County    

Nannu Nobis, Nobis Engineering, engineering services
Concord, Merrimack County

Ric Pratte, Crowdicity, idea management software
Bedford, Hillsboro County

Ed Rogers, Akumina, content management for websites
Nashua, Hillsboro County

Doug Vincent, Design Mentor, medical systems engineering
Pelham, Hillsborough County