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Brad Sterl
Brad Sterl
CEO of Rustic Crust

"They took the time to really get to know our business, and offered a loan that fit our unique needs … it made sense."

Learn more about why VFG invested in Rustic Crust.


Vested for Growth provides royalty, or "mezzanine," financing when neither banks nor equity sources are able to provide enough capital for the business's needs.

With business owners facing constantly changing markets, having the right team in place can spell the difference between a successful portfolio company and a difficult work-out scenario. By offering additional financing, patience, flexible terms, and extra management capacity, VFG's team is always ready to roll up their sleeves and help your company succeed.

VFG's financing is subordinate to bank debt, improving the balance sheet of each portfolio company we are involved with. This has the additional benefit of improving portfolio risk ratings, adding management capacity to the credit, and having another source of capital available in the event that follow-on financing is needed.

VFG is also available to help provide "gap" financing. If a business needs additional capital to finance an acquisition, purchase real estate, or pursue a growth plan, VFG can fill the financing gap when collateral coverage limits the available senior debt. This can help the bank close deals that otherwise wouldn't occur, obtaining and keeping quality credits at the institution.

Lastly, VFG portfolio companies are often looking for bank financing as part of their capital strategy. VFG has strong relationships with banks all over New Hampshire and is always interested in meeting additional sources of bank debt in order to make good referrals.

Learn more about which companies are appropriate for VFG, or, contact us to discuss if our financing could be helpful.

Click to watch a short presentation of how Vested for Growth fits into the capital markets (turn on your computer speakers).

Tom Manero
Tom Manero, CFO, VXI

“To continue VXI's recent growth, we needed capital to strengthen VXI's balance sheet. VFG provided it in a way that worked for our bank and for us.”
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