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Brad Sterl
Brad Sterl
CEO of Rustic Crust

"They took the time to really get to know our business, and offered a loan that fit our unique needs … it made sense."

Learn more about why VFG invested in Rustic Crust.

Venture capital/Angel investors

Vested for Growth can provide royalty, or "mezzanine," financing to equity-backed companies under several scenarios.

Perhaps a portfolio company has grown to the point where additional equity is no longer needed, yet it doesn't yet qualify for traditional bank financing. VFG can provide capital as a bridge that takes the company to the next level, allows for the development of historical profits needed to attract a bank, and avoids dilution for existing equity investors.

VFG strongly prefers partnering on all investments, and is very much interested in providing the next tier of capital for later-stage equity deals that fit our profile.

Additionally, VFG has strong bank relationships, so when the time is right to pursue bank financing, you’ll have one of the most-seasoned players in your corner advocating on the company's behalf.

Learn more about how VFG financing works, or, contact us to discuss a portfolio company. Also, we'd be happy to explore the possibility of you using our innovative financing structure to increase your number of viable deals, hold more liquid investments, and solve the issue of portfolio companies not seeing a viable exit.

Click to watch a short presentation of how Vested for Growth fits into the capital markets (turn on your computer speakers).

Tom Manero
Tom Manero, CFO, VXI

“To continue VXI's recent growth, we needed capital to strengthen VXI's balance sheet. VFG provided it in a way that worked for our bank and for us.”
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