Nanocomp Technologies developed a proprietary method of transforming carbon nanotubes into a versatile set of materials with applications across an enormous range of industries, from national defense, to aviation, to alternative energy generation. The company needed additional research as it grew.

Worker at a desk at Nanocomp

The obstacle

Nanocomp’s management insisted on equity investors aligned with its values, vision, and culture.

Why VFG made this investment

Nanocomp’s unique technology had “game-changer” potential in several highly scalable markets. Its increasing commercial adoption, adept management team, and strong backing of experienced equity investors made it a unique opportunity for VFG to invest in a future global technology developed in New Hampshire.

The result

Since VFG’s investment in 2011, Nanocomp has continued to grow, innovate, and be recognized by both private and public markets. In addition to having receiving a $15-million investment by Dupont, the company was awarded an $18.5-million-dollar contract by the U.S. Dept. of Defense in 2014. It has built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Merrimack, tripled production capacity, and added more than 70 manufacturing jobs.


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