Rustic Crust

With its delicious all-natural pizza crusts in grocery stores around the country, Rustic Crust was on a fast-growth track and needed additional working capital and some new equipment to increase productivity.

Rustic Crust owner Brad Sterl standing by pizza conveyor belt

The obstacle

The company’s unique structure (funded primarily by venture capital investors), made it ineligible for traditional bank financing. And on paper, Rustic Crust looked like it didn’t fit the traditional banking box. A closer look showed that if the costs of fueling growth, which were discretionary and funded by the equity investors, were removed from the calculation, the company was very profitable.

Why VFG made this investment

Rustic Crust’s management team was strong, with years of industry experience. The company had a solid growth proposition. Its equity backers were experienced, patient and had managed the company for strong profits and good jobs.

The result

From VFG’s investment in 2009, to 2014, Rustic Crust tripled in size, added more than 80 jobs, and acquired a new product line, American Flatbread. VFG deepened its support by providing Rustic Crust a line of credit to fuel its continued national expansion.


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Brad Sterl
They took the time to really get to know our business and offered a loan that fit our unique needs.