We create business value through relationships.

First and foremost, we build a connection with your management team. Our goal is to tap your knowledge and expertise and learn about your business.

Once we understand where you’ve come from, the lessons you’ve learned along the way, and where you’re seeking to go, we have the flexibility to create a capital structure that aligns with your business's needs.

Broadening financing options for community-based businesses

A report by the University of New Hampshire's Carsey School of Public Policy spotlights Vested for Growth's use of "risk-tolerant" private capital and customized business-education options.

You can expect win-win financing proposals that don’t include a sale or a controlling equity stake. That’s because our capital is privately sourced from investors who receive fixed-interest returns and appreciate that their money is strengthening businesses and creating quality jobs across New Hampshire.

We are also an “evergreen” fund, meaning we don’t have to return the capital we invest by a set date.

You can expect value beyond the capital we provide. Employee engagement is a critical component in driving business growth and profits, particularly in a tight labor market. We help management teams develop strategies that unleash their employees’ potential, through one-on-one work with entrepreneurs, connections with experts, advisory boards, or participation in VFG Learning Partners.

Our relationship will help you ...

  • Succeed. We can shape our capital to the needs of your business and we offer business education customized to your expertise, sector, stage of business, and learning style. Whether you want to build an advisory board to provide support as you navigate the next phase of growth, or you want to connect with our network of consultants, we can help you find a match.
  • Evaluate and address your business’s strengths and weaknesses.

Some additional ways we’ve helped our portfolio companies unleash their growth potential:

  • Referrals to consultants, head hunters, and full-time candidates.
  • Connections to business expertise that can complement and amplify your skills and knowledge.
  • Design and implement workforce-engagement strategies that tap your employees’ potential.