Your company may be right for a Vested for Growth investment if it:

  • Is an established, New Hampshire-based, business with at least 12 months of revenue;
  • Has a strong management team, a clear growth proposition, a desire to grow by engaging its people, and superior products and markets. 
  • Offers a range of employment opportunities for workers who lack four-year college degrees.

Typical VFG prospects have $1 million to $20 million in annual sales, 10 to 200 employees, and gross-profit margins of at least 20%. Those with lower margins may qualify for Business Builder loans from the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund.

You may find our royalty, or "mezzanine," investments a good fit for your business if you’re ineligible for bank financing because of:

  • Short-term disruption in sales/profitability during the previous three years,
  • Insufficient/intangible/specialized collateral,
  • Sales concentration, or
  • Owner or management succession.

We also invest in companies that can’t qualify for equity investments, or whose owners don't want to sell their business in the next three-to-five years or lose decision-making control.

Investments typically range from $100,000 and $500,000 per company, but the total capitalization package—which may also include senior debt and equity—is often much higher. When capital is needed beyond our threshold, we partner with co-investors.

If your business needs capital to grow, or you know of a business in need of capital, contact us.