Capital Compass

Capital Compass® is your GPS for business financing, an online tool designed to help you understand the factors affecting what type of financing might be best for your business. Learn what debt, royalty, and equity providers expect and how your business goals align so you can raise capital more quickly.

VFG Learning Partners

Our VFG Learning Partners are CEOs who meet regularly and are committed to learning from one another and developing creative and practical solutions to business problems. The group is a useful sounding board that expands your thinking, and helps you grow your business.. There is a shared business philosophy that values discovering better ways to engage employees to unleash their potential and align with the bottom line of the company.

Advisory boards

We’ll help you form an advisory board that is committed to your success, brings complementary expertise and experiences, and serves as your sounding board.

Other resources

  • Webinar featuring Vested for Growth's John Hamilton and Janice St. Onge of the Vermont Flexible Capital Fund discussing revenue-based, or royalty, financing for growth businesses.
  • Business owners who have led ownership transitions have compiled lists of helpful attorneys, accountants, consultants, reading materials, and other information.
  • Overview (PowerPoint) of the four basic ownership transition models (family sale, third-party sale, management buyout, employee stock ownership plan), to help orient you to your future options.
  • Earned Income Tax Credit: Put extra money in your employees’ pockets, at no cost to you.
  • Protect yourself and your data, by following these online security tips.