Capital Compass ®

Your GPS for business financing

When it comes to raising capital for your business, are you familiar with the options that may be available to you, including the benefits and tradeoffs of each?

Capital Compass® is an online educational tool designed to help you increase your understanding of the factors that affect what type of capital you might consider for your business. This tool is not designed to make decisions for you or for a financier. It was developed by Vested for Growth and the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund.

If you wish to use Capital Compass, you will be asked to answer a series of multiple-choice questions, which will take five to 10 minutes. As you submit each answer, three dials—representing debt, royalty and equity—will display what your responses so far may indicate about your potential suitability for each of those three types of financing. At any time, you may change your answers, and even click back to previous pages, to see how those changes move the dials.

After you click the Get Your Report button on the final page, you will see a detailed results page showing your scores based on the answers you provided.

You can then:

  • Return to the Compass tool
  • Print your results
  • Provide your e-mail address and have a link to your report sent to you
  • If yours is a New Hampshire-based business, request a FREE 30 minute review and consultation
  • Return to the Vested for Growth Web sIte